donate to sgrd dental college

You can support the Alumni Association by making a donation or by volunteering your time, experience and knowledge.

If you are interested in a confidential conversation with a member of the alumni team regarding donation, or would like further information about projects, priorities or student support, please contact us.

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  • What can i donate / volunteer?

    You can help your college in three ways 1) you can donate some money 2)you can spare sometime for guest lecture in class, college events 3) you can help member organinsing an event.

  • Where does my money goes?

    They money you donate is 100% spend on college development, organizing events.

  • How can i donate?

    Your donation options vary with your location and amount. some options include NEFT, RTGS,Bank deposit, Cheque, Cash. You may contact us regarding any query. we will asiist you earliest.